MAMH is an organisation of European doctors working within different specialties  who are committed to high quality medical care for people with  learning disabilities. We aim to bring together knowledge of service provision, medical education, research and evidence based medical care from Europe and the rest of the world and to eventually establish    ‘Intellectual Disability Medicine’ as a specialty in all European countries.

MAMH was originally an abbreviation for “Medical Aspects of Mental Handicap”. Some years later, the organisation decided to change the name to “European Association of Intellectual Disability Medicine” and to keep the original acronym, as the organisation was by then well known under this name.

Aim of this website is to develop an international, web-based resource, specific to the medical needs of people with learning disabilities by:
– bringing together learning disabilty news from around the world
– linking to all important learning disablity sites on the web
– posting details of forthcoming conferences / courses
– becoming a “podium” for scientific exchanges between health professionals in different
countries and thus facilitating international research projects

As there is no learning disability specialty in most countries, doctors interested in the subject have a variety of backgrounds. With the help of this website we might develop an international network of medical practitioners with expertise in different health fields, brought together by their interest in people with learning disabilities.

We also hope that this website will be used as a meeting place to compare learning disability health services in different countries and so help to ensure taht standards are not too diverse around the globe. Please send us information on existing services, developments, specialist training for doctors, legal issues, conferences or anything else happening in YOUR country. You can mail to:


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