We need your support!!

MAMH was founded in October 1991 by several European doctors who have one joint goal: a better quality for life for all people with intellectual disabilities. In an annual meeting the members of the executive and delegate board meet and discuss how specialised and mainstream health care for the intellectual disabled in Europe can be further improved.

In several European countries, in particular Eastern and South European countries, the care for intellectual disabled people is still insuffcient.

The main objective of MAMH is to make good medical care available for people with intellectual disability in all European countries and to have intellectual disability medicine acknowledged as a speciality.

We try to achieve this through publications, participation in and organisation of congresses etc. In 2003 a European manifesto on basic standards of healthcare for people with intellectual disability was published and presented to governments and healt care organisations in different countries. At this moment the manifesto is available in 11 languages i.e. Bulgarian, Croatian, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Rumanian, Spanish and Swedish. More translations will follow.

In order to achieve and implement improvements in the care for people with an intellectual disability, the help and expertise of our members is essential. The more members we have, the more we can do to improve life for the intellectually disabled. Therefore we are always looking for new members who, like us, feel involved and share our idea that, despite the fact that people with intellectual disability may have special needs, they have the right to equal participation in society and the same Human Rights as other citizens.

We would like you to join MAMH as a member and in this way contribute to the above mentioned perspective. The membership amounts only 25 euro’s per year for an individual member (for East European members 3 euro’s). Organisations pay 3 euro per member. In return for the membership you recieve a quarterly email newsletter and have access to the MAMH website with the latest information on the fiels of intellectual disability medicine. You will receive invitations for our congresses and meetings, a reduced fee for participation in IASSID congresses, have the advantage of a network and the most important of all: you can really make a difference!!

If you decide to support us, please mail the administration office at  As soon as we recieve your application, we will send you a membership form, together with the payment instructions and the latest newsletter. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our administrative office.

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