In May 10-12th 2001, the First national Congress on Disability, Re-habilitation and integration was held in Padua, Italy.

Prof. Angelo Mantovani presented the eliminary results of a project in Milan at St. Paolo Hospital, one of the seats of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Milan.

The project is named DAMA: Disable Advanced Medical Assistance

Goals of the service are:

  • direct and free of charge telephone line to a call center to receive advise or make an appointment
  • day hospital service
  • emergency department

All facilities and services support families and people who have difficulties in the communucation as well as intellectual disability. The project started last year informally and was officially opened in April 2001. It is financially supported by the Region Lombardia and EC funds. It is well connected to the University of Milan. LEDHA (Italian Federation of Associations and Organisations for Disabled People) and to many institutions and organisations on a local level.

Dr. Anna Picconi




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