On the 27th November 2003, at the end of the ‘European Year for People with Disabilities’, an invitational conference -held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands- about health care for individuals with intellectual disabilities took place. The meeting was organised by
the Netherlands Society of Physicians for persons with Intellectual Disabilities, and MAMH– ‘European Association of Intellectual Disability Medicine’, in collaboration with Erasmus MC– the department of specialist training of physicians for people with intellectual disabilities.

The aim of the meeting was to finalise ande accept a European Manifesto about “Health care for people with intellectual disabilities”. This manifesto attempts to clearly summarise the elements of adequate health care for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

We hope this Manifesto will, through stimulating governments, organisations and individuals, improve health care for people with intellectual disabilities, considering their rights as citizens, their rights to access mainstream health care and when needed, their right to access specialist care.

Thanks to:
The Dutch Ministry of Health (VWS),
The Dutch association of care providers (Vereniging Gehandicaptenzorg Nederland, VGN), The “Nationale Collecte Verstandelijk gehandicapten” NCVG and
The Trust Foundation Erasmus University Rotterdam for their financial contribution to the invitational conference and congress.

Sylvia Carpenter, MD, MAMH President
Marijke Meijer, MD, Head of the specialist training Erasmus MC Rotterdam
Frans Scholte, MD, NVAVG President, MAMH Secretary



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