The Swedish Medical Society for the Care of Persons with Intellectual and other Inborn or Early Acquired Physical or Mental Limitations (Swedish abbreviation: SLOHM) 

The main purpose of SLOHM is to support and further the understanding of medical aspects behind intellectual disability, autism and severe brain injuries in adults, including other significant and permanent cognitive limitations of function.

The society works together with the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, care principals and other authorities to increase physicians` competence in the area. We also belong to the Swedish network of habilitation physicians, an internet forum for collegial discussions. To increase our knowledge we arrange a conference in January every year in conjunction with our annual meeting.

Contact Persons:
Sten Björkman sten.bjorkman@ltblekinge.se (Chairperson),
Lena Nylander lena.nylander@skane.se,
Monica Björkman monica@omsorgsmedicin.nu(Treasurer).

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